Solutions for your business role

Every role within a company has a specific need that give them insight into the business. Whatever your role in the company, with modern cloud technology you can see new opportunities so you can innovate more quickly.

With Oracle Cloud organizations casn work more innovative and increase the agility of the business, reduce costs and make IT less complex.


The user friendly way of procurement

Who organizes your procurement? Will you stay within? How much money did you spend on your purchasing process and the payment of invoices? Do you have real-time insight into the expenses?

You as a purchasing manager require, at any given time, insight into the costs and logistics processes. You want to work more efficiently and make sure that you meet all legal requirements.

Optimalisation of the procurement process

The procurement process is one of the most crucial parts of any company and consists of a series of procurement activities, specifying needs and its evaluation. Automation gives you insight and control over expenses by your employees and insight into which vendors are really important for the continuity of your organization. By using the purchasing applications of Oracle, you profit the most for your enterprise and your purchasing department.

Where can we help to improve the procurement process?

  • Improve the ordering process for example by digitalization of purchase orders
  • Streamlining the number of suppliers
  • Give direct insight into saving possibilities
  • Full automation from purchase to payment
  • The digitalization of the invoices administration
  • Reduced errors and shorter cues
  • More effective and efficient strategic procurement

Qcompany helps companies to improve the procurement process by improving the management of costs and expenses in order achieve higher margins.

Qcompany example inkoop

Qcompany example inkoop


Increased insight and control for the finance departement

The financial world is very structured by factual information and hard numbers. One of the main tasks of a finance department is ensuring that a company works profitable and cost efficient. By moving to a cloud solution you can reduce operational costs, increase flexibility and ultimately receive improved results.

Sensitive infromation

Many financial departments may wonder whether the benefits outweigh the potential security risks of moving sensitive information to the cloud. The question should really be: "Is our existing infrastructure safe enough to protect our data against modern threats?" Or even simpler: "Are we taking the risk to keep our financial information in-house?"

Switching to the cloud is seen as a strategic move to improve data security. Also do not forget the many other benefits that the cloud brings for financial departments, their employees and the company.

Cloud as a financial remedy

More and more rules. Complex global operations. Rising demand for innovative customer service. In order to cope with all these challenges, Oracle Financial Services provides a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive, pre-built business applications with essential functionalities specifically designed for banking and organizations active in the capital market.

Qcompany helps you with user friendly application of Oracle Financials Cloud in order to improve processes and reduce management effort and costs within the organization.

Qcompany example finance

Qcompany example finance

Qcompany example finance


Marketing solutions for every marketing need

Every company has its own specific and marketing solutions should fit seamlessly.

In addition, there will be more and more data through various channels such website, email, social, mobile, in-store, etc, which marketers need to monitor and collect. The marketer faces the major challenge to convert these sources and huge amounts of data to changes and deliver them.

Many companies are struggling to effectively collected data and convert this into useful insights

  • Personalize your customer experience to create ideal customer which increases the revenue
  • Do you know how much each marketing program and each campaign will contribute to the increase of your revenue?
  • Does your marketing team has the right tools to accurately track and report data on sales?
  • Do you have the ability to link marketing- and sales processes on one single platform?
  • Is it hard to maintain and segregate your marketing database?
  • Can you identify qualified leads from marketing campaigns and assign them to the sales?
  • Can you capture online activities, social interaction and downloads of potential customers and make this visible?

  • Marketing cloud as a remedy

    Companies that use the cloud as a support tool for the implementation of their marketing strategies, increasingly achieve better results than traditional marketing tools.

    A marketing cloud contains at least one software solution for analytics, content management, social media advertising/listening/management and a marketing automation tool.

    Qcompany helps companies to achieve leverage from their marketing activities, avoid unnecessary costs and improve customer satisfaction. We know what it takes to to reach your audience.

    Qcompany example marketing

    Qcompany example marketing

    Qcompany example marketing


    As an HR manager how do you manage the workload?

    As HR Manager you spend too much time on administrative tasks so you can't conduct your core business: career development, staff coaching, personal development and your role in the strategic organizational policy.

    Qcompany offers a cloud solution that assists in managing the careers of the employees and make investment in its employees an investment in the future of your organization.

    Work more efficient as an HR Manager with the use of big data

    • With a full talent solution you can find the best sources for internal and external talent so that you can quickly find the best talent, hire the talent, develop and hold on to.

    • Create and support a collaborative bases, productive work environment.

    • With Big Data and predictive, integrated analysis solutions you can solve complex personnel issues, predict performance and risks and the staff is able to make decisions based on real-time data.

    • Via HR applications that are accessible to everyone in the organization, you can help employees to manage their work faster and more qualitative. Even when they are traveling and working with a smartphone or tablet.

    Qcompany example HR

    Qcompany example HR Qcompany example HR

    Qcompany helps companies to improve the procurement process by improving the management of costs and expenses and to achieve higher margins.

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